Ticket to Travel is Not Enough? – COVID PCR Test

Slowly, ever so slowly, the world is emerging from the pandemic shutdown and resuming some normal activities.  Pleasure travel has been almost unheard of for the last 2 years. People sitting around looking at their travel photos.  Just itching to get back out to bouncing around the globe.  Domestic travel has been opening up more and more.  Traveling to weddings and, sadly, funerals. Hopefully this spring there will be lots of traveling to attend graduation ceremonies.  Lots of domestic destinations are still requiring a negative Covid PCR test before traveling.  Most international travel destinations definitely require a negative test before being granted entry.  You will certainly need one to get back in the US.  

A Plane Ticket is NOT Enough to Get you Where You Want To Go

So for all you globetrotters who have your bags packed already and can’t wait to board a plane to anywhere, make sure you get your COVID PCR Test results to prove you are Covid free. Because a plane ticket is not enough to get you where you want to go.  A further requirement is that this test be administered no more than 3 days prior to your departure.  If you plan ahead and make an appointment with your local private pay clinic, you can save yourself time and money. Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money on your trip?  If you live in the Springfield, MO area, you can get your Travel PCR Test done at IPE Screening.  Results will be available in 24-48 hours.  

COVID PCR TestThe Gold Standard in Reliability and Trustworthy Results

There are a lot of Covid tests around.  Some have great track records, some not so much.  But the COVID PCR Test is considered the gold standard as far as reliability and trustworthy results.  PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction and it can detect the presence of genetic material from the Covid virus with a high degree of accuracy. 

OK, so you don’t get to jet off to some exotic destination on vacation, BUT the company you work for has decided to have it’s convention live and in person this year!  The virtual event just didn’t have the same level of excitement and connectivity that is generated by everyone being physically in the same location. Won’t it be great to see everyone in person again?  Maybe there are new people you’ve only met through virtual meetings.  Not vacation, but still fun, and still traveling.  Most company functions are requiring negative Covid tests before participating, so be sure to schedule your Travel PCR Test.

Whether you “get to” or “have to” travel for business or pleasure, chances are you are going to need proof of a negative Covid test to board the plane. If you are in the Springfield, MO area, save time by scheduling your COVID PCR Test with IPE Screening.  We’ll get you in and out so you can get on with your day and finalize your travel plans. We’ll also save you money on the cost of the test. You certainly have other things you could spend it on!

Safe Travels!