Father-Daughter Bond – Why Get a Paternity DNA Test

The ideal environment for a child is a loving home with two parents who love each other.  In the real world, life is rarely ideal.  In fact, sometimes it is downright messy.  Adult relationships and interactions can be difficult and have unexpected results.  If one of those unexpected results happens to be a baby, that child deserves every advantage to help them grow into a well-adjusted, productive adult that makes a positive contribution to society – this is why paternity DNA tests are needed.

Traditionally, the bond between father and son is common and expected.  As is the bond between mother and daughter.  The bond between father and daughter is not as common, but studies have shown it is extremely important.  

Positive Results of a Father and Daughter Bond

In the article, Strengthening Father-Daughter Relationships by Very Well Family, describes the benefits a healthy father-daughter bond can have on the daughter’s life.  The benefits include:

  • High self-esteem and confidence.  This is the result of the support, praise, and unconditional love received from dear ol’ dad.  
  • Better relationships with men. Less chance of hooking up with a deadbeat or someone abusive.  A great dad will treat her like the precious gift she is and teach her how she deserves to be treated by the other men in her life.
  • Less likely to develop depression. Having a strong bond and good communication increases the likelihood serious issues will be discussed and solved or at least supported. 
  • Less likely to have eating disorders and body image issues.  This is directly related to the elevated self-esteem and confidence levels.    
  • Better able to handle stress and life’s curveballs. Recent studies show a strong father-daughter bond increases cortisol levels – the stress hormone, making it easier to deal with unexpected events.
  • Improved academic performance, better college/career choices, resulting in landing a higher paying job after graduating with a more lucrative career. 

Get Involved and Be Present

All it really takes to accomplish all these great things is to be present and involved in her life.  Find out what interests her and find a way to share in those interests.  Does your daughter like a particular sport? You can attend games and actively cheer her on, help her practice, and encourage her to be her best.  A more difficult challenge might be if she is interested in something like dance or theater.  You could still take her to practice.  Find some performances to take her to.  Just find some way to encourage her and to share in her interests.  It makes a huge difference.

The other key ingredients for accomplishing these benefits of a happy daughter are being available and really listening. It helps her to know and develop her self-worth.  She knows her thoughts and feelings are important, respected, and supported.  She grows up to expect this treatment, can withstand the disappointment when it isn’t received and has the strength to walk away from relationships that do not serve her best interests.  

Of course, to be able to provide this loving bond and make sure your daughter has all these benefits, you need to be a part of her life.  Back to that reality of adult relationships being messy.  If the circumstances surrounding your daughter’s parentage fall into the “unexpected” category and you need to prove your paternity in order to be a part of her life, IPE Screening can help with a DNA Paternity test.  

It may be a challenge and a struggle to be a part of your daughter’s life, but it is worth the fight – for her.  She will be better off and emotionally stable with a strong, loving, involved father in her life.  Obviously, she doesn’t need some fly-by-night player, but if you have read this to the end, chances are you are a decent person who cares and wants to be involved in your child’s life. With our DNA Paternity test, you remove any doubt and have an important piece of evidence to aid in your quest to be involved in your daughter’s life.