Let IPE Screening Be Your Lab Partner

Before we talk about lab testing, I would like to take a moment to thank all the medical personnel who are once again swamped as the country is in the midst of another Coronavirus spike.  Many professionals are burned out from the past year and are leaving the profession. Thank you for your dedication, sacrifices, and service.  I wish you success in your newly chosen paths. For those still fighting the good fight, thank you. May you and your family be protected.

Are you a Private Practice in Springfield, Missouri or the Surrounding Area?

You have invested a lot of time and money in acquiring knowledge and getting your medical license.  You have chosen to open a private practice in the Southwest Missouri area. There are so many things needed to run a successful independent private clinic.  You have definitely picked the perfect location if you have set up in or around Springfield. In addition to finding the right people to work in your office, and getting patients, you need to find vendors for supplies and services.  

One very important service you will need is lab testing. So many diagnostic decisions are based on the results of different tests. The tests are necessary to answer questions about what is going on inside the patient. When you are working in a hospital, there is a whole section dedicated to running those tests. When you are an independent doctor with a private practice, you have choices.  Choices that can benefit both you and your patients. Sometimes, an answer is crucial and time can be your enemy.  You need answers fast.  Having a partnership with IPE Screening can help expedite those answers. IPE Screening can provide quick access to tests and their results for a fraction of the cost of the big clinics and hospitals.  IPE Screening can get your customers in quickly, conduct the necessary tests, and have them on their way to continue their day. Then get you the answers you need to make informed treatment decisions.

Affordable Lab Testing for your Private Practice

Controlling costs is always a challenge in any business.  Controlling medical costs almost seems impossible these days.  IPE Screening would like to partner with independent doctors, chiropractors, and holistic practitioners to help you keep your patients healthy without breaking the bank.  You will have an easier time keeping your patients coming to your private practice if they aren’t experiencing sticker shock every time they need routine blood work done. More of your patients might be willing to participate in wellness checks because you will be able to keep your prices lower than the big clinics. Healthier patients, increased bottom line, reliable lab partner.  Everybody wins!

Already have your private clinic established? Perhaps it is time to reevaluate some parts of the business.  Namely, your lab testing arrangements.  A great way to build goodwill with your patients is to help them keep their costs down and respect their busy schedules.  IPE Screening can help you do both.

At IPE Screening we offer:

    • No Office Visit Fees.
    • No Phlebotomy Fees.
    • Collections for kits from special labs
    • Reasonable Prices – Lower Cost than Other Major Lab Companies, and in many instances, less than a patient’s co-pay.
    • We are a Preferred Collection Site for Quest Diagnostic and Lab Corp
    • We accept: HSA Cards | Cash | Most Major Credit Cards | Lab Cards | Checks

*No Other Insurance is Accepted

Please contact us so we can discuss IPE Screening being your Lab Partner for your private clinic, chiropractic, or holistic practice.