Private and Simple Paternity Testing in Springfield MO

We understand that life happens.

Paternity testing at IPE screening is a private and straightforward office visit.

With a couple of swabs in cheeks, you can have answers to your questions with 100% certainty.

Located on the Southeast corner of Campbell and Sunshine between Whole Hog Café and McAlister’s Deli and offering more than just paternity tests, your privacy is super secure because we offer blood tests, DNA fitness tests and more.


Paternity Testing at IPE Screening in Springfield MO



Always fun working with Jennifer and her team at IPE testing. If you need paternity or employee drug screenings. She will take good care of you.

Posted by Carla Helfrecht Tate on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Determining the father of the child is important for many reasons, including parental rights, citizenship, social benefits, immigration, adoption and instances where legal proof of relationship is required.

A paternity test helps to determine genetic proof of whether a man will be the father of said child. As of today, DNA testing is known to be the most accurate way to determine parentage. No other test comes close to it in terms of accuracy and reliability of results.

So spare yourself from the ignorance of not knowing the truth about the child’s real father. Most importantly, get the answer straight and clear from a legitimate source. That’s what a DNA paternal testing can help you with.

If you’re in Springfield, MO, you can get this test done at IPE Screening.

Here at IPE Screening, we provide either informational or legal testing for DNA by appointment only. You may contact our staff if you have inquiries about this type of test or to schedule an appointment with us.

Call to learn more about our DNA paternity testing in Springfield MO (417) 881-2522.

How is a Paternity Test Collected?

The collection process is done by swabbing the inside of each individuals mouth for buccal cells. After the collection has been made, each swab is placed into individual baggies, dated and signed by the participants.

The specimen is then sealed in the participant’s presence and shipped off the very same day to the Alliance DNA Laboratory.

The next step is the waiting period, which we guarantee will not take long at all.

How long does it take to receive paternity test results?

We understand that you need the answer as fast as possible. This is why we spare you from the long waiting game.

Once the Alliance DNA Laboratory has received your specimens it only takes 2 business days for turnaround.

Then, you can obtain your result and use it for whatever personal or legal concern you may have.

3 Steps to Know – From a Paternity Test in Springfield MO

Not knowing whether you’re the father of the child or not can put you in a difficult situation.

But at the same time, you need to get a clear answer to eliminate the confusion and potential injustice you may find yourself in from losing tedious child custody and child support battles…

This is very tough and unsettling indeed!

But we are here to help!

In as little as three days, you can have answers you need from a DNA Paternity test in 3 easy steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment (417) 881-2522.
  2. Have a painless cheek swab.
  3. Get results in as little as 48 hours.

IPE Screening DNA Paternity Testing in Springfield, MO

We have been delivering private and accurate paternity test results since 2014. You can rely on our expertise and experience in this type of test to give you accurate answers you need.

Should you find yourself in a situation where a paternity relationship needs to be established to relieve yourself from legal battles, IPE Screening can help you eliminate your concerns.

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment at our clinic for a fast, reliable, accurate DNA paternity testing you can trust.