Private Pay Lab Test

Lab Testing for Individuals

No Doctor! No Insurance! No Problem!

Know your Levels:

Cholesterol, CMP, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Hormone Levels, Height, Weight, BMI, & More

Are you in Between Insurances, Have a High Deductible, or Simply want to Know Your Levels?

We offer Private Lab Testing for Individuals. There are no Office Visit Fees, or Phlebotomy Fees.

Reasonable Prices

We realize that with health care, people need to save money where possible. You can come to IPE Screening and have your labs completed at a lower cost than other major lab companies.

Covid-19 Testing

We are also doing Covid-19 Testing.  Our tests include the PCR, Rapid Antigen Test, and the Covid-19 Antibody Test.

We accept:

  • Most Major Insurance
  • HSA Cards
  • Cash
  • Most Major Credit Cards.
  • Lab Cards