Sticker Shock! Why to Opt in for Private Pay Labs

We all know that you pay more for an item or service than it actually costs to manufacture or provide.  That is how people make money.  We expect reasonable mark-up costs.  That is how the market works.  That is why people shop around to get the best price on goods and services.  One area a lot of people may not realize they have the option to price compare is in medical lab work.  That’s right, folks. Those outrageous amounts on your hospital or doctor bill could be much less with a private pay lab.  

Have the Exact Same Tests Done at a Private Pay Lab Facility

Are you on a medication that requires periodic blood tests to monitor the effects on your internal organs?  Do you spend countless hours a week at your doctor’s office or the hospital waiting to get your blood drawn and sent to the lab for testing?  You could save yourself both time and money by having those exact same tests done at a private pay lab facility.  Do you know the difference between the prices of a private pay lab and the labs used by doctors and hospitals can be as much as 1,000%!  A patient in Louisiana had a routine blood test conducted by a private pay lab for $27.  The following year he had the same test done in a hospital and was billed $284.  

Perhaps you or a loved one is suffering from a medical condition such as heart disease, thyroid issues, blood abnormalities, or some form of cancer that needs monitoring to assess the progression or efficacy of treatments.  It will be more convenient, more comfortable, and infinitely more reasonably priced at a private pay lab facility.  Who wouldn’t rather go to a small personable setting for these tests instead of a busy hospital full of sick people?  

Early Detection 

Are you working diligently to live a healthy lifestyle?  Eating the right foods, getting eight hours of sleep, drinking lots of water, exercising, and all the things necessary to be healthy and live a long time.  One thing you could add to your regiment is to have bi-annual blood screenings.  The best way to conquer diseases is early detection.  Many times, a blood test will show when things are starting to go off the rails.  The unacceptable blood value might be the only indication that something is wrong.  More visible signs or outward manifestations of the disease might not present themselves for many months yet.  Having your blood checked at a local private pay lab facility could save you time, money, and heartache.  You can tackle any disease when it is in its earliest stages and easiest to combat and conquer.  Then you don’t end up like another patient that was charged $600 for 5 lab tests that would have only cost $59 at a private pay lab facility.  That’s right, $59 vs. $600 for the exact same tests.  Over 1,000% markup!!!

So take charge of your health and your health care costs.  One way to beat the big medical machine is to find a private pay lab facility in your area.  If you are lucky enough to live near Springfield, Missouri, we would love to help you save time and money by letting us take care of your blood testing needs.  Just give us a call at (417) 881-2522 or to schedule a private pay lab test, click here