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Third-Party Administrator


At IPE Screening in Springfield, we tailor a program to suit your unique needs, whether DOT, company-specific, or customer-driven requirements.

Ensuring a drug-free workplace is crucial for everyone’s safety and health, from hiring new team members to conducting regular random drug tests. Our specialty is navigating the intricate world of DOT safety regulations and aligning with company or customer standards. Neglecting these regulations can result in significant fines and liabilities.


Our suite of services is designed to cater to both Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated and non-DOT environments. This means we provide specialized services that adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations set by the DOT, ensuring compliance and safety in transportation-related fields.

At the same time, we extend our expertise to non-DOT sectors, offering flexible solutions tailored to the unique requirements of businesses and organizations outside of DOT regulations. Our services are versatile and adaptable to various industry standards and client specifications for compliance, safety, or health screening.

We offer an array of Consortium/Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Screenings, each designed to meet different requirements and scenarios. Our services include:


We ensure your new hires are substance abuse-free before joining your team.

Reasonable Suspicion

If an employee shows impairment, we help with necessary screenings.

Return to Duty

We facilitate return-to-duty testing for employees requiring re-evaluation after a failed drug test.


In the unfortunate event of an accident, we aid in executing the correct post-accident screening protocols.


We ensure all DOT compliance standards are met for those who need a second chance after a failed test (if your policy allows).


We support you in maintaining a drug-free environment with random testing, covering the required substances and intervals.

When you choose IPE Screening, you select a partner dedicated to upholding the highest workplace safety and compliance standards.