What are the Uses and Benefits of Paternity Testing?

Is there a medical condition you’re predisposed to because it runs in the family?

Or perhaps you are adopted and never knew your parents?

Paternity testing can give you all the answers you need.

Learn what exactly a paternity test is, what its uses and benefits are, and how it is done.

What is Paternity Testing?

Each individual has a unique genetic code or “fingerprint”. It remains in the chromosomes and genes upon conception.

Basically, you get half of your mom’s DNA and half of your dad’s DNA.

Through paternity testing, you can know for sure who your biological father or biological child is. It is determined after collecting, analyzing, and evaluating the DNA sample and matching it with yours.

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Uses and Benefits of Paternity Testing

There are many reasons why paternity testing is done.

1. Determine your child’s medical history.

Your child possesses a combination of his parents’ DNA. This means that through DNA testing, you will be able to identify his medical history after analyzing his father’s genetic code. It can help you prevent serious ailments or take the right action to minimize damages to your child’s health.

2. Establish a strong emotional bond with your child.

By knowing if your child is indeed yours or not, this can have a direct impact on your emotional bond or attachment to him. The process of becoming closer to your child gets easier as you are 100% sure a part of you is in him.

3. Necessary for legal purposes.

When seeking financial support from the father after a divorce, paternity testing is often required by the court. A positive result allows the child to obtain support from his father, as well as social security benefits.

Another scenario where paternity testing may be required is when petitioning your family members to receive legal citizenship in the U.S. The U.S government may request a paternity test result from candidates as a part of the documents they submit for immigration purposes.

4. Know your identity.

Adopted children who never knew their parents will always find themselves wondering about their real identity even into adulthood. To give you peace of mind, a paternity test can reveal answers to your questions about your biological roots. This way, you can obtain peace of mind knowing where you actually came from.

How Paternity Testing is Done

A paternity test involves taking a small sample from the client and evaluating it.

The sample is usually obtained from either the buccal cells or the inside portion of the cheek of your mouth or from your blood. Then, the sample is studied in a laboratory to determine the DNA in it.

The result may be available in a few days while others may take a few weeks. If you want fast and reliable results for DNA paternity testing in Springfield, MO, call IPE Screening today at 417-881-2522 and schedule an appointment for a mobile or office visit.