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What We Do / Our Services

IPE Screening is a medical lab collection site who offers a comprehensive range of screening services to meet various requirements. Our services include on-the-spot drug testing for immediate results, biometric screenings, and onsite wellness screenings to ensure the health and well-being of individuals. Additionally, we provide thorough National and Federal background checks, confirming a complete and reliable assessment for security and trustworthiness.


Confidential Drug Screening

Our drug screening offers a thorough solution to foster a safe, drug-free setting. Catering to needs ranging from employment and sports to personal reasons, we provide efficient, discreet, and dependable testing that ensures peace of mind for everyone involved. Available tests encompass a variety of methods, including urine, saliva, fingernail, hair, blood, breath alcohol, environmental exposure, and even the convenience of mobile drug testing.


Consortium/TPA Screening

Navigating the intricate regulations of the transportation industry can be challenging. That’s where IPE Screening comes in, offering specialized Random Pool Screening for DOT. We’re here to simplify the process, ensuring you stay compliant with all regulatory standards while maintaining the testing process’s trustworthiness for various employers. Whether your guidelines are set by DOT, specific company standards, or driven by customer needs, we design a program tailored just for you.

The significance of substance use testing cannot be overstated. It’s foundational in building a workplace environment that’s not only safe but also values the well-being of every team member. From welcoming recruits to implementing regular random screenings, our deep knowledge of DOT safety regulations and other specific guidelines guarantees you’re always in line with the required standards. With us, you can confidently avoid any unwarranted fines or issues.


DNA Testing

This encompasses a range of tests designed to analyze an individual’s genetic material to provide insights or verify familial relationships. Whether you’re seeking clarity on family ties or need DNA evidence for LEGAL proceedings, our DNA testing services cover it all. From paternity to ancestry insights, we provide informative and COURT-ADMISSABLE results, combining accuracy and confidentiality. Here’s a breakdown of the terms:

Paternity Test: Determines the biological father of a child.

Siblingship Test: Assesses if two individuals share one or both parents.

Grandparentage Test: Verifies a biological relationship between grandparents and a grandchild.

Avuncular Test: Determines a biological relationship between an individual and their aunt or uncle.

Twin Zygosity Test: Differentiates between fraternal (non-identical) and identical twins.

Ancestral Origins Test: Traces genetic lineage to offer insights into one’s ancestral roots and heritage.

DNA Art: A visual representation of one’s unique DNA profile, often used for decorative purposes.

Integra Tests: Typically evaluates genetic markers to provide insights into various health or personal traits.

GxSlim (DNA Diet): Analyzes genetic makeup to offer personalized diet and fitness recommendations.

Semen/Sperm Analysis: Assesses the health and viability of sperm, commonly used for fertility evaluations.


Low-Cost Labs

Explore a new way to manage your health with our Low-Cost Lab Testing services. Perfect for those who prioritize privacy and ease, you can handpick from a range of tests—including Cholesterol, sugar level, female or male hormones, allergies, many more.  We help you navigate the process without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

We provide straightforward instructions to ensure accuracy in results. Take the reins of your health and enjoy the flexibility to choose your payment method. Embrace a comprehensive approach to health, all on your terms.


Paramedical Exams

IPE Screening provides the paramedical exams required for life insurance applications, including a health interview, recording basic metrics like height and weight, and possibly collecting blood or urine samples. These exams, which are pivotal in assessing an applicant’s health for insurance purposes, offer flexibility by being conducted either at the applicant’s home or at IPE Screening’s location in Springfield, MO.


National Background Check

A national background check is a comprehensive review that searches databases and records across multiple states and jurisdictions to provide a broader picture of an individual’s criminal history or other pertinent details.

A national background check aims to capture relevant information from various sources nationwide. This type of check is beneficial for employers or organizations that want a thorough understanding of an individual’s history, especially if the individual has lived in multiple states or locations.

Bottom line: A national check is wide-ranging, covering records from many sources across the U.S.

security clearance

Federal Background Check

A federal background check refers to the process of obtaining and reviewing specific records from federal databases and agencies rather than state or local sources. This type of check is designed to identify any potential criminal activities or other pertinent details that occurred at a federal level, such as crimes committed on federal property or offenses that violate federal laws.

A federal check  concentrates on records from state and local jurisdictions. They are often used for positions that require high levels of security clearance, or when the individual will be working within a federal capacity.

Bottom line: A federal background check is focused on crimes related to federal law or committed on federal property.


Mobile bloodwork services are a game-changer, especially for those who find it challenging to leave their homes or have packed schedules that make traditional lab visits nearly impossible. By bringing blood collection and testing right to your doorstep, IPE Screening ensures that receiving essential health services is no longer a hassle but a convenient part of your daily routine.

This service is a compassionate affirmation of individual circumstances, offering a stress-free option for those with mobility challenges or time restrictions. It’s healthcare tailored to fit into the rhythm of your life, ensuring that taking care of your health feels less like an errand and more like a natural part of your day.

The benefits are: